9100-001-E  Mini Single

9100-001-E Mini Single

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Complete compact, light weight, powerful, solid state dimmer. 

  • SINGLE CHANNEL control of aircraft Lighting - 9100-001-E P/N
  • Aircraft instrument panel lighting
  • Comply to Cessna AD 93-24-15about cockpit fires. We have the AMOC allowing this installation for the MaxDim
  • Excellent control of Nulite instrument lighting
  • Excellent LED control
  • Smaller DC motors
  • STC, PMA, RTCA/DO-160E SEC 21: RFE Qualified
  • Instrument Panels
  • Nulite dimmers
  • UMA dimmer
  • Avion Glare shield dimmer
  • Boat Cruiser Cabins
  • LED lit panels
  • Hundreds of DC Lighting Control applications
  • Assembled in the USA

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