UAX9003601  Uavionix TailBeacon

UAX9003601 Uavionix TailBeacon

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  • tailBeacon | ADS-B Out, WAAS GPS, Encoder, Rear Position LED Nav Light

  • The tailBeacon from uAvionix is a TSO certified, revolutionary new way to equip ADS-B out for your certified aircraft. This rear position nav light is integrated with ADS-B Out, GPS, and LED position lighting. This is the lowest total cost of ownership of any ADS-B Out solution. The easy installation is as simple as replacing the aft aircraft position light. There are no airframe modifications or additional antennas required. The installation only requires 2 screws and reuses the existing power and ground to your current position light as well as the existing breaker. 
  • The tailBeacon will work with any Mode C and Mode S transponder which meets the 2020 ADS-B requirements. Due to the unique design and technology of the tailBeacon, there is no need to run any new wiring to the transponder. The tailBeacon is eligible for install on any suitable experimental aircraft that routinely flies below FL180. Light Sport aircraft are also eligible for installation but require a Letter of Authorization from the manufacturer. 
  • Goof-Proof Configuration, mechanically installing an ADS-B solution is only half the battle. The skyBeacon mobile application can also be used to configure tailBeacon.  The intuitive, easy to use app guides you through setting the necessary values including the ICAO address, emitter type, aircraft length, width and GPS offsets.  Since tailBeacon is self-contained there are no serial ports settings or protocols to configure.
  • The tailBeacon consists of the following TSOs & Regulatory Certifications:
  • UAT Transmitter: TSO-154c (RTCA/DO-282B) Class B1S
  • Position Lighting: TSO-C30c Type III & SAE/AS8037
  • WAAS GPS: TSO-C145e (RTCA/DO-229E) Class Beta 1
  • ADS-B Out: §91.225, §91.227, AC 20-165B
  • GNSS Position: AC 20-165B
  • TSO certified
  • Easy installation
  • No airframe modifications or additional antennas are required
  • Works with any Mode C or Mode S transponder
  • Transponder data is provided via the existing aircraft wiring system using the Power Transcoder
  • tailBeacon uses the existing mounting location, breaker, and wiring
  • Installation is as simple as replacing the aft aircraft position light
  • Integrates LED nav light
  • 2020 ADS-B compliance
  • Lowest total cost of ownership of any ADS-B Out solution

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