2-33-W 3-1/8

2-33-W 3-1/8" Bezel with Center Cutout

Aerotronics, Inc.

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UMA, Inc. introduces a technologically advanced lighting system. Replace your existing post lights or indirect lighting system with an electroluminescent light bezel placed directly on your existing flight and engine instruments. The EL Light does not use bulbs, but an electroluminescent light strip housed in a black, injection molded bezel ready to install. This light strip draws very low current and produces little heat. Inside the strip, semiconductor crystals convert electrical energy directly into light energy. EL Bezels require AC voltage for illumination which is provided by an inverter. Light colors available are, Aviation Green, White, and Red. EL lights are easy to install onto your existing instruments in just minutes. Simply place the light bezel between the instrument and the panel or between the instrument panel and the panel overlay. The EL Light, unlike conventional lighting systems, will not burn out and is guaranteed for the life of your panel. Bezels are available to fit MS standard 2 1/4" and 3 1/8" instrument cases. We have bezels with left or right cutouts, center cutouts, or dual cutouts to fit all your instrument needs.