David Clark Headset H10-13.4

David Clark Headset H10-13.4

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H10-13.4 Guaranteed to be the most comfortable noise-attenuating headset you will ever wear.
You have to try it to believe it. It's incredible.

· Extremely lightweight, only 13.4 oz. 
· Certified noise reduction rating, 23 dB 
· Drastically reduced headband force 
· Super soft, foam filled pillow headpad 
· Straight cord (5') with dual plugs 
· Plus all the standard features and a universal flex boom with our exclusive M-7A Amplified Electret noise canceling microphone. 

H10-13 H For Helicopters Same as H10-13.4 except has a coil cord (5') with U-174/U plug.

H10-13 Y Youth Headset New hardware to comfortably fit a child. Kit available to convert youth headset to adult style. Same features as Model H10-13.4.

H10-13 S Stereo For use with stereo featured intercom and cabin entertainment systems. Dual volume controls, dual plugs, straight cord (5'), Stereo/Mono Switch.

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